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As a global leader in interim management, Morgan Philips Interim Management is dedicated to supporting the transformation of your organization and addressing your urgent recruitment needs in Germany.

Our team, comprising expert interim managers, is ready to steer complex projects, drive growth strategies, and navigate through challenging times.

Advantages and benefits

  • Quick deployment of interim managers
  • Specialized knowledge and experience at your disposal
  • Bridging gaps in leadership during critical times
  • Flexible, results-oriented temporary contracts
  • Cost-effective solutions for project-based needs

Our areas of expertise

Our expertise tailored to your needs:

Business Transformation

Need to reorganize internally or spearhead digital transformation? Our seasoned interim managers are poised to guide you through strategic changes.


Navigate smoothly through challenging times with our experienced specialists.

Temporary replacement solutions

Address sudden absences effectively with our operational managers, ensuring stability until a permanent hire is made.

Strategic Project

Launching a new product or developing a website? Leverage the expertise you need to meet timelines and achieve your objectives.

Handling growth crisis

Sustain long-term performance with interim directors who bring expertise, flexibility, and speed.

Rapid recruitment

Quickly fill urgent vacancies with our efficient talent sourcing tools.

Entrust us with your needs

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Our key figures

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swift presentation of candidates
+600successful projects
in 2023
50% international projects
are international
+100 000 pool of qualified interim managers


Innovative tools and methodologies

We use advanced tools and optimized processes for successful interim management missions.


Meet our team of Interim Management Experts


Our consultants' skills and market knowledge are directed towards one common goal: delivering optimal service quality to our clients and supporting the success of their interim management projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interim management?

Interim management is a strategic approach tailored for guiding companies during transitional periods.

It involves deploying a seasoned and competent manager for a specific duration and goal. These managers are charged with the effective execution of strategic, short-term projects with the mission to help the company navigate through challenges and solidify its position in the market. Interim managers play a crucial role in formulating sustainable, long-term strategies for profitability, efficiency and success.

This role typically demands individuals with extensive experience and a history of significant roles in large, international corporations.

Why Opt for Interim Management?

Interim management stands out as a more dynamic option compared to traditional external services, and it's less rigid than permanent employment. This approach aligns well with the needs of businesses seeking swift, adaptable solutions and leaders eager to impart their expertise while embracing new challenges.

For Companies: Interim management opens the door to specialized and experienced leadership, capable of immediate integration and operation within the organization. These managers bring fresh insights and pragmatic solutions, enhancing the internal workings of the company. Their focus on results drives them to meet objectives and contribute to the project's success.

For Managers: This avenue offers a diverse range of assignments and challenges, providing a continuous stream of motivation and engagement beyond typical job experiences. Acknowledged as experts, interim managers enjoy a degree of autonomy to effectively steer projects to completion. Moreover, the financial rewards in interim management are often more attractive compared to standard employment contracts.

Interim management is a unique blend of expertise, flexibility, and strategic acumen, catering to the evolving needs of both companies and management professionals.

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