Elevating Leadership Potential
Enhancing leadership skills through targeted coaching

Do you recognize the power of coaching? More and more organizations are seeking trustworthy Leadership and Executive Coaches to support their leaders in achieving strategic goals. We offer tailored individual or group coaching sessions, aligned with your strategic and organizational change needs.
Our coaching approach is based on the BCE Framework.

  • Assess - Conduct assessments for rapid understanding development.
  • Coach - Aid in enhancing self-awareness, identifying clear goals, and facilitating learning throughout the journey.
  • Evaluation - Support coachees in reflecting and assessing their progress and the impacts made.


Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching is designed to unlock human potential and maximize performance. We apply our coaching programs strategically in areas like:​​​

  • Development of leadership competencies​​​
  • Middle to senior-level executives​​​
  • High-potentials and future leaders​​​
  • Team management and effectiveness

Morgan Philips boasts a vast network of qualified coaches offering tailored support. Our team of leadership and management coaches comes with diverse backgrounds, from leadership experience to working with startups and high-potentials.​​​

Coaching packages for every leadership level​​​

We provide specially tailored coaching packages suited for different leadership levels within organizations. These packages include 6 to 12 hours of individual coaching, a preliminary assessment, and comprehensive administrative support, perfect for:​​​

  • Senior Executives
  • Middle to Senior-level Executives
  • High-potential and Future Leaders
Morgan Philips Talent Consulting Development image
Morgan Philips Talent Consulting Development image

Group coaching

Group Coaching at Morgan Philips Talent Consulting leverages collective insights, experiences, and diverse perspectives to foster accelerated growth. This approach helps to create a psychologically safe environment, enhances participants’ self-awareness, and strengthens accountability for individual and shared goals. ​​

Key dimensions of group coaching:​​​


Group coaching focuses on the shared experiences and insights of all participants, creating a deep and enriching learning environment.


While benefiting from group dynamics, the focus is also on personal goals and development. Our coaches assist each individual in setting and achieving personal goals while members motivate and hold each other accountable.​


Each participant brings unique perspectives and skills, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the coaching. This collaborative energy speeds up the achievement of both individual and common goals.

Group coaching packages​​​

Tailored for various leadership levels within your organization, we offer specialized group coaching packages, ideal for senior executives, middle to senior-level executives, and high-potentials and future leaders.​​​

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