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At Morgan Philips Executive Search Germany, we stand by your side, offering expert advice and support in strategically sourcing highly qualified executives for your company. Our skilled headhunters employ forward-thinking and innovative methods to seamlessly integrate the ideal candidate into your projects.

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Recruitment of experts and top executives in Germany.

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Real-time access to the most skilled and suitable profiles in the market, enhancing your competitive edge.

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Support for both internal and external talent management strategies.

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Skills mapping mapping to analyze and elevate talent distribution within the market.

Our distinct advantages

Utilizing cutting-edge search technologies and bespoke assessment tools, we deliver in-depth insights into the talent landscape of your industry.

Data-driven approach


Our 7-step process


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Innovative Search Techniques

Within the hidden job market you find the most exceptional profiles of experts and executive leaders. They do not apply actively. We identify these talents and present compelling opportunities to seize their interest. Morgan Philips Executive Search has revolutionized the sourcing process this way. Our ambition is to engage with the entire pool of potential candidates for each mission.

A global database

accessible at any time to our consultants.

Club 5000

a network of experts recommending top talent.

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Digital tools

for enhanced visibility and effective searches.


A team of experienced and qualified professionals.

Dedicated to sourcing and retaining top talent in Germany.

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Entrust your senior executive search to us. We promise a targeted approach to meet your local and global requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Executive Search?

Executive search, also known as executive recruitment, is a specialized process aimed at sourcing candidates for high-level positions.

At Morgan Philips, we excel in pinpointing the finest talent for your organization. This involves comprehensive analyses and in-depth interviews with potential candidates.

We are committed to presenting only top-tier talent to our clients, ensuring their leadership and c-level roles are filled with the best-suited individuals.

What distinguishes a global Executive Search firm?

A global executive search firm like Morgan Philips extends beyond traditional recruitment, focusing on sourcing and hiring top executives and senior managers for pivotal roles in an organization.

Operating both in Germany and on an international scale, our firm is dedicated to identifying and attracting individuals who are not just highly qualified but also possess the experience necessary to propel your organization towards success and substantial growth.

How does Executive Search differ from general recruitment?

The key distinction between recruitment and executive search lies in the focus and methodology.

Consultants have the expertise and experience to find highly qualified profiles that match the specific needs of the company. They utilize their networks and sourcing tools to identify passive job seekers.

Recruitment generally encompasses the process of filling various positions within an organization, while executive search is specifically tailored to high-level roles, employing more targeted and sophisticated strategies to secure the right leadership talent.

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