Successful Employee Onboarding:
Streamlining new talent integration

Are you looking to streamline the onboarding of new employees into their roles? Seeking ways to accelerate integration, ensure the adoption of expected behaviors, and align employee development with your company’s strategy?

Successful integration of new staff is key to success. That's why Morgan Philips Talent Consulting has developed a customized, efficient 3 to 6-month solution to support you in successfully recruiting and integrating your talents.​​​​​​



Online tool to evaluate the integration capabilities and potential of your employees. Support in self-development within mobility programs.



Interviews to assess and clarify behaviors, strengths, and areas for development at each integration stage.



Our experienced consultants support your employees in realizing their full potential within your organization.

Tailored 3- or 6-Month Programs:
We offer tailored programs designed to meet
new challenges
and needs of companies.
Our team of expert consultants guides and
advises your talent to fully realize their potential.​


Agility is our efficient approach to preparing and supporting the integration and development of new employees. Personalized support is based on assessing the employee’s ability to quickly reach their full potential.
The Agility Inventory is an innovative tool for assessing your employees' development and potential. It measures three aspects of agility:

Agility icon 1

People Agility

Understanding oneself and adaptability.

Agility icon 2

Performance Agility

Handling pressure and uncertainty, resilience, and flexibility.

Agility icon 3

Growth Agility

Openness to new experiences and using these for progress.

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