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The industrial and engineering sectors are crucial in driving innovation and economic growth in Germany. These sectors are continuously evolving, creating a dynamic job market with numerous opportunities for skilled professionals.

There's a high demand for qualified experts in fields like automotive, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, environmental technology, and manufacturing.

Advancements in technology, digitization, and sustainable practices are transforming production methods. This transformation requires a workforce that can navigate complex processes and contribute to the development of innovative solutions, particularly in the transition to greener energy and sustainable manufacturing.

It's vital for professionals to keep pace with technological advancements and develop new skills to stay competitive in Germany's job market.

Notre expertise

Our expertise in recruitment

In a sector as pivotal as Industrial & Engineering, recruiting top specialists requires a partner with creative strategies, deep industry knowledge, and innovative tools.

Our profound understanding of these sectors in Germany enables us to meet the precise recruitment needs of our clients, delivering personalized, tailored services to ensure the acquisition of the finest talent.


Specialised teams in Industrial & Engineering Recruitment

Our dedicated consultants specialize in the recruitment of talent for the Industrial & Engineering sector, both within Germany and internationally. We possess deep expertise in identifying competent professionals for various roles, including in automotive, mechanical engineering, renewable energy, environmental technology, and manufacturing.



Serving a diverse range of industries and functions:

  • Engineering and manufacturing companies
  • Automotive and mechanical engineering firms
  • Renewable energy and environmental technology organizations
  • Manufacturing industry players
  • Construction and infrastructure companies
  • Industrial equipment manufacturers
  • Engineering consultancies
  • Research and development institutions

Our references

The roles we recruit for:


Automation Engineer, Systems Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Industrial Engineer, ...

Manufacturing Industry

Quality Control Supervisor, Health and Safety Manager, Operations Analyst, Lean Manufacturing Specialist, ...

Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Compliance Specialist, Regulatory Compliance Manager, Quality Control Analyst, Risk Management Specialist, Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, ...

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Warehouse Supervisor, Supply Chain Analyst, Procurement Specialist, Logistics Coordinator, ...


Facilities Manager, Building Maintenance Manager, ...

Research & Development

Product Development Engineer, Materials Scientist, Biomedical Engineer, Research Scientist, Innovation Manager, ...


Production Director, Quality Assurance Director, Supply Chain Director, Plant Operations Manager, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Research & Development (R&D) Director, Environmental Health & Safety Director, ...

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