Assessment center:
Objectively assessing the competence and potential
of your employees

Do you want to ensure during the recruitment or mobility process that your candidates not only possess the necessary skills but also seamlessly integrate into your team and share your company’s values and culture? With an Assessment Center or a custom assessment system developed by Morgan Philips, you gain profound insights.

The Assessment Center is an effective tool for assessing your employees' and applicants' capabilities, identifying talents, and fostering internal mobility. It provides an objective system and ensures a positive experience for participants.​​

Our tailored assessment tools and simulations are specifically aligned with your needs, the competency framework, and the seniority level of the individuals being assessed. They provide you with a clear picture of the strengths and development opportunities of your (future) employees.

The tools and simulations proposed by our teams are tailored to your goals, your competency framework and the level of seniority of the candidates and profiles we meet. They give you a clear picture of your (future) employees' strengths and areas of development.​

  • Selection of skills and construction of assessment grids adapted to the reference framework
  • Assessment of skills and behaviour
  • Identification of development and leadership potential
  • Adapted development and training plan
  • Training and workshops by our expert consultants for your managers and HR staff in the recruitment process and/or in conducting skills-based interviews

The Assessment Center is much more than a simple evaluation. It's a powerful tool that reveals the skills and potential of your talent, as well as their motivations.
By delving deep into their personalities, it offers a detailed understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, helping to guide them towards informed career choices.
Through qualitative Assessment Centers, Morgan Philips identifies the most suitable candidates, while employees develop personalised strategies and realise their full potential. ​​


Our framework Talent Assessment

We use T.FRAME, a comprehensive reference framework consisting of 5 key competencies, to assess the potential of your (future) employees. This model makes it easier for you to understand the behavioral potential and capabilities of your talents and analyzes the match between expected and actual behaviors. It can be calibrated to the expected level and position in your company.

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"Striving to understand, analyze, and evaluate information and situations. Ability to ask questions to find solutions and make corresponding decisions.


Taking initiative to plan and prioritize to achieve goals. Strong result orientation.


Showing resilience and adaptability. Asking critical questions to make progress. Exchanging ideas and innovations to improve work methods.


Acting as a role model, encouraging, and motivating. Providing support, guiding, and fostering others.


Fostering collaboration and cooperation through the development of productive work relationships. Effective communication and influence, coupled with listening and empathy.


The ability to work with insight, flexibility and confidence in response to challenging and changing circumstances.

Flexible assessment approach for comprehensive talent analysis


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