Diversity & Inclusion
at Morgan Philips

A commitment to inclusivity

Morgan Philips, with its global presence, is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture that values and leverages diversity in every facet of recruitment and talent management. Our belief in diversity as a cornerstone of our corporate ethos is unwavering.

We champion inclusivity across various dimensions - age, gender, origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and marital status. Our recruitment strategies are rooted in non-discriminatory principles, ensuring we integrate a spectrum of qualified and diverse profiles in our searches.

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
leaders (Morgan Philips Group)

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
employees (Morgan Philips Group)

We believe that innovation thrives in diversity. Our approach is to leverage varied experiences, cultural backgrounds, and individual talents to challenge norms and drive organizational growth. Joining Morgan Philips means becoming part of a diverse team that fosters authenticity and wholehearted engagement in the workplace.

While we take pride in the diversity of our team and the candidates we recruit, we recognize the journey towards greater inclusivity is an ongoing process, deeply embedded in our culture..


Our anti-discrimination commitment

  • Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is central to our values. We actively fight against all forms of discrimination in recruitment. Our consultants undergo regular training to identify, prevent discrimination and ensure a fair, transparent recruitment process.
  • This commitment extends to being an active member of organizations advocating workplace equality, continually enhancing our approach to equal opportunity recruitment.


  • Opting for Morgan Philips means partnering with a recruiter who believes steadfastly in diversity, equality, and inclusion as pillars for professional success.

If diversity and inclusion are as important to you as they are to us,
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