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Outplacement for successful career transitions

Our Outplacement Services provide crucial support to individuals during professional transition phases. We assist affected individuals in managing the process of job transition by offering advice, support, and career coaching. Our services facilitate smoother career changes while stabilizing productivity and employee engagement in companies.

  • Immediate Support: Dedicated consultants and coaches for personalized guidance.
  • Customized Program: Tailored support for career development and planning.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access to specialized recruiters and headhunters across more than 20 countries.​

Customised​ outplacement program

Outplacement can be offered as individual or group support, thoroughly managed by our team of talent experts.​

Our programs provide professionals with the knowledge and resources needed to effectively recognize and seize new career opportunities.

Executive coaching

Each executive receives a program tailored to their professional and personal goals.​​

Our support is delivered by experts in assessment, leadership development, and executive coaching.​​

Your advantages at a glance

The Outplacement Support includes the following phases:​

Exploring aspirations, values, motivations, and preferences using personality questionnaires and interviews.

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Choosing the right outplacement company

Deciding on an outplacement service provider is crucial. This organization will support your employees at a key moment in their career, guiding them on a potentially new and challenging journey, requiring empathy and compassion.

  • Tailored Programs: Does the outplacement company offer solutions tailored to your employees' individual needs?
  • Coaching Competence: Does the outplacement service offer professional coaching? What qualifications and experiences do the coaches have, and how do they support employees in their new roles?
  • Expertise in Talent Management: Does the provider have specialized knowledge in key areas of talent management, such as assessment, leadership development, coaching, and talent acquisition?
  • Additional Value: Can the outplacement service facilitate access to recruiters and headhunters? Does it support personal branding and offer administrative assistance?

Morgan Philips Talent Consulting supports candidates in transitional phases by combining our expertise in assessment and coaching with empathy and compassion.

A flexible support system tailored to your needs​

We offer clear, strategic, and supportive actions tailored to each participant's individual goals.


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